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Does Size Really Matter to a Woman?

We men want everything BIG – either it is bank account, home, car or bulge under pants. It seems many men are unhappy with their natural penis size and they often seem asking Does penis size really matter to most women? Well if you ask this question from any reputable sexologist then you probably hear these words “Size Doesn’t Matter” They are probably right… Size doesn’t matter to women with high values but what they don’t understand is Penis Size Matters A Lot To Men, Maybe Not For Women Maybe your women don’t want to see big penis but I am sure the big penis under your pants will give great boost in your confidence that will definitely improve your performance in bed and your women will happy to see a MOUTHFUL of penis to play with. However, the problem is most men compare their penis with the one they saw in the adult movies. Male enhancement industry is banking billions every year because they are working in one same direction – To make men believe bigger penis is the k