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Testosterone Levels And The Male Enhancement

Many different reasons contribute to give testosterone another very famous name that is “sex hormones” or in some cases “males hormones.” These vital hormones are secreted by pituitary glands in the testes of males and in ovaries of females but in very minute quantities. They are necessary for a male boy to develop secondary male characteristics during adolescence. Apart from helping in growth, natural increased testosterone levels also assist in strengthening muscles, growing Adam’s apple, body and facial hair as well as deepening of voice and many other traits that distinguish a male from female. Furthermore, adequate levels of these hormones in the body are mandatory for immaculate and pleasurable sex as well. Lower T Levels: There are two types of sex hormones in the human body out of which androgen in the most important one. Until the age of 30, a healthy male secretes almost sufficient amounts of androgens. After that critical age, the production of testosterone drops on yea