Testosterone Levels And The Male Enhancement

boost testosterone levels

Many different reasons contribute to give testosterone another very famous name that is “sex hormones” or in some cases “males hormones.” These vital hormones are secreted by pituitary glands in the testes of males and in ovaries of females but in very minute quantities. They are necessary for a male boy to develop secondary male characteristics during adolescence.

Apart from helping in growth, natural increased testosterone levels also assist in strengthening muscles, growing Adam’s apple, body and facial hair as well as deepening of voice and many other traits that distinguish a male from female.

Furthermore, adequate levels of these hormones in the body are mandatory for immaculate and pleasurable sex as well.

Lower T Levels:

There are two types of sex hormones in the human body out of which androgen in the most important one. Until the age of 30, a healthy male secretes almost sufficient amounts of androgens. After that critical age, the production of testosterone drops on yearly basis and a person can suffer from serious consequences after the age of 40. The lower T levels can adversely affect the sexual performance of the individual alongside giving birth to many more disorders like obesity, lack of energy, depression and weak immune system giving rise to many diseases.

Sexual Dysfunction:

The biggest role of testosterone alongside the growth is to maintain ample sexual power in a male. The lower T levels in the male can lead to reduced libido, infertility, complete impotency hence the overall failure of sexual system.

However, if someone is suffering from any of the above sexual conditions, he should have a test of himself to determine whether the dysfunction is indeed the result of scarcity of sex hormones or is due to any other medical condition. In fact, the reduced libido or impotency is the biggest medical conditions suffered by aging males.

Other Symptoms of Low Male Hormones Levels:

Sometimes males or females experience prolonged fatigue, low personal capacity for sex, depression, and weakness. All these conditions could be the symptoms of low testosterone reserves alongside other reasons. In addition to these symptoms, many deadly diseases like cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, osteoporosis, hypogonadism, and even cancers can take hold of you due to weakened immune system. In fact, natural increase in testosterone levels cover the entire functions of human body and are important for smooth flow of life cycle.

Some Causes of Scarcity of Testosterone:

The biggest cause of depleting testosterone reserves is the aging as these hormones decline naturally with age. The other conditions that can result in unnatural decline of male hormones are diseases like diabetes, hypertension, depression, and obesity. Furthermore, exposure to radiations, lack of exercise and taking imbalanced diet rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates are other major reasons of deficiency.

Treatments and Therapies:

In order to overcome all of the above-mentioned problems especially sexual dysfunction, many therapies and treatments are available in market. These treatments usually come in the shape of tablets like Testogen and injections and can effectively cure various disorders arising out of testosterone deficiency. These therapies work on the principal of replacing missing or suppressed hormones by synthetically manufactured ones and as a result, a person experiences an improvement in his condition.

However, in order to treat the condition for good, one needs to choose those therapies that aim to eradicate the actual cause of the disease alongside balancing hormone levels.


Finally, testosterone therapies can provide a welcome relief to the person in trouble. However, everyone should bear one thing in mind that they are not the “fountain of youth.” Such treatments only ameliorate the condition of a patient and help one to live a better and smooth life even in the final years.

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