Nootropics Guide

Nootropics Guide

Trying nootropics may be one of the best choices you have ever made. They are such great substances in the form of supplements and drugs that can greatly improve your performance both physically and mentally.

Nootropics work by activating certain important chemicals in your brain. These chemicals are responsible for learning and memory. Also, they help with important functions like movements and physical coordination. They can help you focus and bring a better quality to life.

When to Use Nootropics

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You can choose to use nootropics at any time. They are safe and effective during times a stress. Many university study's take them during exam times or when they need to study. If you have a large workload to do they are also a great option as they can help you manage and deal with it by increasing the quickness of your brain and mental processing.

All in all, nootropics will help you in any task you choose whether it be big or small. Some people find that nootropics have other benefits than improving learning and memory. Certain nootropics can increase mood and reduce anxiety in some users as well.

Guaranteed, nootropics will help you in any circumstance. Some users find the effects very drastic where other find the effects not as useful. Just because the effects may feel subtle for you does not mean they are not working properly. Sometimes it is best to give nootropics such as noocube brain supplement a chance before giving up on them as a feasible options for increasing you intelligence.

How Do Nootropics Work

Nootropics work by increasing the availability of chemicals in the brain that increase learning and memory. These chemicals are very important in day to day activities and some people lack in them. Increasing the amount of these chemicals leads to a faster mind a focus. This can do a number of things that are very positive.

Each nootropics works in a similar way by increasing these chemicals but some work slightly different than the other. It all boils down to a similar action involving the same or similar chemicals. This can do everything from making your think faster and remebering things more clearly, to increasing your reflexes. Some countries have even banned them from sports leagues due to this unfair advantage.


Although nootropics come in many forms and foods, nothing is more popular than the racetam family. This is a group of drugs treated in Russia that can currently be obtained over the counter in the US as a supplement. They are needed by a script from a doctor in some countries.

The racetam family has many different relatives that are all related to a similar method of action. Each will have a different effect for different people but they all relate to increased activity in the brain. They are relatively safe and no fatalities have been recorded in history.

Since they can be obtained without a script in the USA, they are fairly easy to obtain. Finding them in sports stores may also be possible but your likely only able to find the basic kinds. Over the years the more developed and advanced racetams have become more potent and stronger.

Each racetam has its own benefits and users will often combine multiple to get the best out of each. Piracetam for instance, is great for a clearer mind and you notice things much quicker and easier than when your not on it. It also makes perception much stronger as light and sound more vivid and strong.

The other newer racetams are stronger via potency but often have slightly different effects. Some have mood boosting properties while other are extremely good for focus and can almost eliminate creativity because the focus is too clear. You just cannot imagine something because your mind has to drift and brainstorm. This of course may not be your cup of tea so you may not wish to use it at the time but it can be a useful tool.


Many experienced nootropic users decide to stack supplements to get optimal results. This is a great idea because you can get benefits form both and increase the overall nootropic benefits. Stacking is only recommended for people who have tried the substances before as you never know what to expect.

Before stacking nootropics, it is a good idea to try a basic one first to test what it is like. After you like the effects, you may decide to add other racetam into the stack and play around to see which ones work best together. To get optimal results it is best to play around one at a time until you find your magic nootropic match.

Also, follow the recommend dosages and don't take too much to avoid side effects. Side effects are usually non threatening however you need to use responsibly like you would with any supplement. Sometimes taking too much will cause more harm than good by causing you to get head aches and be tired


high choline foods
Choline is a nootropic that can be found in foods as well as supplement. As far as foods go, there are many great souces of choline that can be obtained. Eggs are on the top of this list and are a cheap source of choline. Sometimes you may not have the time or patience to do this and this is where supplementation is recommended.

The problem is that 80% of Americans dont get enough choline in their natural diets. This can lead to fatigue and mental drain. Often just adding more choline into your diet will be a great start to increasing you mental performance. It seems as such a small thing but you will notice it overtime as choline converts to a potent brain chemical involved in learning and memory. Also, being extremely deficient in choline will cause many problems and can even lead to serious diseases like Alzheimer's if the lacking carries on for a long time.

Sometimes, when there is not enough time to get the right amount of choline, it is best to get a supplement to correct this. The cheapest type can come for a soy byproduct. You can step it up even further by going with a more refined version that has been lab altered to bring the highest amount of choline your diet.

CDP Choline and Alpha GPC are both great choline sources and great nootropics. CDP choline is a little cheaper than alpha GPC and can bring great results. As a nootropic, Alpha GPC is the best source but it is also the most costly to produce and buy. Alpha GPC has an added benefit of increasing growth hormone in humans which is all natural and beneficial to everyone.

Stacking racetam nootropics with a choline source is a great way to add benefits. All racetams should be stacked with a choline source for ultimate benefits and it comes highly recommended. This can also help avoid headaches and other side effects that can come with taking racetam.

Nootropic Side Effects

This is another great benefit of nootropics, there are very limited side effects. The side effects that can occur are usually very minimal and not life threatening. Headaches are common but like states above stacking with choline can help this imensly. To avoid side effects start with recommended dosages of nootropics to discover your tolerance threshold.

It is also recommended to consult a doctor before using nootropic especially if you are on other medication. Not many drug interaction are known however this is still a good rule to follow as your doctor may be able to advise you better.

Another factor to take into consideration, is if your are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is not recommended to take this supplements in case it can affect your babies well being. Many children as young as 5 have been treated with racetams in studies and it has been shown to help in some mental defects however they are in no way suitable for a newborn.

Nootropic Tolerance & Addiction

Many people worry about the tolerance and addiction with racetam nootropics. This should be a concern with any drug or supplement. Luckily, racetams have not been shown to produce much of either. Addiction is very very rare and they are not a high risk for such.

Tolerance can occur with nootropics but this will not leas to dependance problems. Some people will experience tolerance and they will lose some effectiveness of the drugs over time. It really depends on the person as some do not get these same effects nearly as fast. The best way around this problem is to switch it up. Don't use the same supplement for too long (months). Instead, switch to a different once and when that one starts wearing off switch again. This will provide the best nootropic results.

This type of method is known as cycling and is a common method for nootropics and other drugs. If you don't wish to substitute one nootropic for another just take a short break and the effects will come back. Just rinse and repeat this process. This is why many student will just use nootropics in times of need like exams and studying but you can experience nootropic benefits all year round.

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